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SAFEGO is a lightweight, portable safe. It offers easy storage of valuables like keys and cell phone when you’re at work, school, the gym, a hotel or anywhere else you may need to protect your belongings. 
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Originally marketed as Vacation Vault, SAFEGO underwent a name change to broaden the product’s appeal.  The company decided to scrap its old Vacation Vault website and start with a fresh design and new copy for the product’s re-introduction to the market.


Susan Greene developed copy for the new SAFEGO website that highlighted the breadth of the product’s usefulness and helped to create brand recognition.

SafeGo Website


SAFEGO was unveiled at a hospitality convention where the product was marketed to hotels, resorts, cruise ships and theme parks as an upscale giveaway for guests.  The website received an immediate surge in traffic and sales soon followed.

The client is currently using some of the wording Susan created for the website in other marketing materials such as postcard mailings and sales letters.  Meanwhile the website continues to generate ongoing sales both to companies and individuals.

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