Sav-On Cleaning Services

Keswick, Virginia

Sav-On Cleaning Services was founded in 1967 as a residential and commercial cleaning service.  Over the years it has expanded to also provide water damage restoration and exterior pressure washing services. 


For decades Sav-On Cleaning Services thrived despite doing almost no marketing.  The company didn’t even have a website.  When competition from new companies in his area suddenly became intense, owner Kenny Mills decided he needed to step up his promotional efforts.

He turned to Charlottesville SEO Web Development, a Virginia digital marketing company, to create a website for Sav-On.  That company in turn brought in Susan Greene to handle the copywriting for the site.

Sav-On Homepage 2


Susan Greene, website copywriter, spoke at length with owner Kenny Mills.  She learned what made the company unique and how it provided better quality services than its competitors.

For example, for pressure washing roofs, Sav-on had invested in special equipment that provided a “soft wash” that was less likely to damage a roof and yet was equally effective as traditional pressure washing.

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Sav-On Cleaning soon found that its website not only attracted new customers; it also let their existing clientele know of the full range of their services.  Now Sav-On has an online image that is as professional as its reputation in the Keswick, VA community.

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