Scholastic Book Fairs

Lake Mary, Florida

For over 30 years, Scholastic has been the dominant book fair company at schools nationwide. The fairs serve as fundraisers for the host school while also encouraging students to read.
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Ask anyone who’s ever attended school in the U.S. and they surely know the name Scholastic Book Fairs. Scholastic has been the market leader for decades in the book fair space, from preschools on up to high schools.¬†

When the company decided to overhaul its marketing and create new brochures and promotions, its ad agency contracted Susan Greene to write the copy. The project entailed 30+ components, all requiring content.


Susan met with the marketing team at Scholastic Book Fairs and also with the ad agency. Together they came up with a plan to create an information portfolio that could be sent to schools around the country.

The portfolio contained pockets that allowed for customization, so the marketing team could decide which brochures and cards could be included in it.

For example, for mailings to pre-schools, the inside components would be about pre-school school book fairs. There were also special programs, events and seasonal offerings that could be promoted at certain times of the year.

Once the various components had been identified, Susan worked with the individuals at Scholastic to gather the relevant information and present it in copy that was engaging, consistent and persuasive.


Scholastic Book Fairs was extremely pleased with the finished product. They thought it captured the fun and excitement of their book fairs.

They also felt the professionalism of the product positioned them as the market leader in a field that has widespread competition.

When certain brochures and inserts became outdated, Scholastic was able to replace them with updated pieces without having to redo the portfolio and other components. It was a practical and cost-effective solution.

Scholastic liked the flexibility of the portfolio and felt it offered longevity as a marketing tool in a way that a single brochure or catalog could not. 

The portfolios have been sent to thousands of schools nationwide and have been influential in helping Scholastic maintain its leadership position in the book fair industry.

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