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Orlando, Florida

In business since 1987, Sign Producers is a national company producing large-scale, attention-grabbing signs for theme parks, hotels, restaurants and many other types of businesses around the country.

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Sign Producers had built its first website in the early 1990s and hadn’t changed it since.  The site not only looked outdated, it didn’t accurately reflect the size and achievements of Sign Producers.  Additionally, the company was aware that lesser competitors with more impressive websites were being successful in attracting new customers.


The owners of Sign Producers had paid a web design firm to create a new website.  The design was done but the owners were at a loss for how to write the content and complete the pages.

Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, spoke with the owners at length to get an understanding of their business, including their state-of-the-art, 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  Within three weeks the new copy was complete and posted on Sign Producers’ new website.

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Sign Producers already had an extremely successful business with a large, loyal following and many outstanding accomplishments to its name.  The new website now was in line with the company’s size and stature in the industry.  This helped Sign Producers to position itself as the industry leader and attract new customers.

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