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Snaptrotter provides photographers for on-location shoots.


As a new business, Snaptrotter needed a website to introduce its unique photography service to prospects.  Hiring a photographer for a major occasion such as a wedding is common.  But Snaptrotter was seeking to make its mark as the photography service for some of life’s events that are “non-events” but still worthy of documentation.

Their tagline, composed by Susan Greene, summarizes their service this way: “We capture the people you love and the places you go in beautiful photos.”



Susan Greene wrote individual web pages for each of Snaptrotter’s 10 types of location photography shoots, which include vacations, wedding proposals, family reunions, honeymoons, graduations and more.  The idea was to plant the seed for having a professional photographer on each of those occasions, something most people might not otherwise consider.


Because Snaptrotter didn’t shoot formal events like weddings, the client wanted the copy to be fun and conversational to best reflect the casual, spontaneous nature of its brand of photography.



When the client first called Susan, the website was a blank slate.  Within 10 days, using copy provided by Susan, the Snaptrotter website and business were launched and the company was able to begin aggressively marketing its services.

Thus far, the Snaptrotter concept has been well received, and the owner attributes much of the company’s early success to its website.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

The copy is fantastic!

Hi Susan,

I’ve already received a lot of feedback on the website and it’s all been extremely positive.  Everyone loves the design.  And the copy is fantastic!  You’ve been great to work with.  Thank you for all your help.  I could never have done it without you.

Rafael Suanes
Washington, D.C.

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