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To launch Sterling International’s global marketing campaign, the new organization needed a website that effectively communicated its capabilities and unique selling proposition. Because they intended to work with clients all over the world, they knew they needed the copy to be written in English and by someone for whom English was a first language.


From Malaysia, the organization’s marketing team reached out to Susan Greene in the U.S. for help in creating a structure and all of the copy for the website. Susan spoke with the company’s officers for input and then wrote the copy.


Sterling International’s marketing team and officers all reviewed and approved the copy. The website was then designed and launched. Today the organization is seeing great success in attracting clients.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

The content you developed guided us

Hello Susan, 

I am pleased to tell you that we have successfully launched the first version of the Sterling International website. The content you developed guided us during the design phase and helped us to align the website’s look and structure with the target market messaging. Thank you for your excellent work.

Mohamed Maamoon
Marketing Director
Sterling International
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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