Superior Commercial Solutions

Salt Lake City, Utah

Superior Commercial Solutions is a high-volume supplier and installer of kitchen cabinets, countertops and cultured marble tub surrounds in hotels and apartments throughout the country.
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When Superior Commercial Solutions (SCS) decided to upgrade its image with a new website, it knew its About Us page needed a fresh start. The old one sounded like every other kitchen and bath contractor. What they needed was an About Us that explained how they were different and, well, “superior.”


The company hired Susan Greene to interview the company’s two owners and come up with a new approach to its About Us content.

What Susan learned was that unlike most kitchen and bath contractors that focused on residential projects, SCS specialized in doing high-volume projects. They were experts at designing, supplying and installing all of the  kitchen cabinets, countertops and cultured marble tub surrounds in hotels and apartments.

While most kitchen and bath installers stuck to clients in their own geographic area, SCS was going after a national market and doing installations throughout the country.

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Additionally, it was important to the owners that the About Us mentioned their extensive knowledge of the products, their well-established protocols and their proven installation process.

Susan was able to craft an About Us page that highlighted their capabilities and strict quality control measures. She also made sure to emphasize the benefits SCS brought to the table, such as its proficiency in developing innovative solutions that streamline projects and keep costs in check. 


The finished About Us page along with the new website design, is helping Superior Commercial Solutions to better attract the types of clients that are the company’s best fit, paving the way for growth and higher revenue in the future.

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

Looks great!

The About Us page looks great! We really appreciate all the effort and time you’ve put in to help us.

Jordan Farr
Chief Executive Officer
Superior Commercial Solutions
Salt Lake City, Utah

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