Tacos & Tequilas

Atlanta, Georgia

A family-owned chain of authentic Mexican restaurants, Tacos & Tequilas has three locations serving the Greater Atlanta area.

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The owners of Tacos & Tequilas had invested in a new website that included beautiful photos of its food and was designed to build its brand.  Now they needed new copy for the website that helped differentiate the Tacos & Tequilas from the typical Tex-Mex restaurant.  Their web design firm, One 80/20, brought in Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, to compose the content.


Susan spoke with Diego and Beatriz Velasquez, the husband and wife team who founded the restaurant chain.  At first, they didn’t know how to answer her questions about what made their restaurant unique.  But in conversation, Susan soon learned the key to their success was “a secret sauce.”

While most businesses refer to their secret sauce metaphorically, for Tacos & Tequilas, it was literally a secret sauce.  The restaurant includes tequila in most of its recipes.  From its signature dish of Chicken Agave to its tacos and tasty homemade salsas, tequila is the key ingredient. Additionally, the restaurant offers over 100 different brands of tequila.  The story of tequila is the hook Susan used in the copy on the restaurant’s website.

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The Tacos & Tequilas chain continues to grow in popularity, with many new customers finding them online and then coming to the restaurant to try the food.  The use of tequila in its recipes and the 100 brands of tequila are a big part of the buzz surrounding the restaurant and clearly contribute to its success.  Owners Diego and Beatriz plan to open additional restaurants in the chain throughout Georgia.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Your follow-through on the details made everything go smoothly

Great job on the Tacos & Tequilas website! The restaurant owners love the copy and the way the whole website turned out. It was a pleasure working with you. Your fast turnaround and follow-through on the details made everything go smoothly. I will be in touch again when any of my clients needs copy.

Giovanni Rueda
Director de Marketing
One 80/20
Atlanta, Georgia

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