Hackensack, New Jersey

TearTreat is a New Jersey-based company that manufactures pharmaceuticals for dogs.

TearTreat Logo


The company had successfully launched OcuBright, a product used on dogs to eliminate dark stains beneath the eyes due to excessive tearing.  OcuBright was sold exclusively through veterinarians.

Now its manufacturer had created a similar product that could be sold directly to consumers in stores.  It needed a brochure to introduce the product and explain its benefits to pet owners.


Susan Greene, brochure writer, partnered with a graphic designer to create the brochure.

TearTreat Brochure


The company had significant success gaining access to retailers interested in carrying the dog tearstain product.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

This brochure is perfect!


Nice job!  This brochure is perfect!  The copy you wrote combined with [Christina’s] beautiful design makes a great impression.  I feel confident this brochure will help us get TearTreat into retailers and in front of customers.

Yoram Yogev
TearTreat, LLC
Hackensack, New Jersey

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