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Charlottesville, Virginia

The Miller Firm is a national law practice representing individuals who have been seriously injured by harmful pharmaceuticals or other defective products.


When The Miller Firm decided to launch a class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for its negligence in bringing the medication Zofran® to market, it needed a way to reach out to victims.

The drug had been sold to expectant mothers experiencing morning sickness, however, it had not been tested and approved by the FDA for that purpose.  The result is that many mothers who used Zofran gave birth to babies with serious and sometimes life-threatening defects.

The Miller Firm hired Nick Stone & Associates, a Virginia marketing agency, to create an online campaign that would let victims know about the planned lawsuit and encourage them to choose The Miller Firm to represent them.

Nick Stone & Associates in turn hired Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, to provide the text for the online ads and landing page it was designing.


Susan researched Zofran and its victims.  She wrote a lengthy landing page that visitors would find if they searched for any keyword terms related to Zofran lawsuit. The page was designed to be informational and to make the factors related to the lawsuit easy to understand by the layperson.


The goal of the landing page was to deliver prospective victims to The Miller Firm. The attorneys would then tell them about the lawsuit and persuade them to choose The Miller Firm as their legal representatives if they decided to participate in the class action.  Every victim represented a potential claim in the millions, so the stakes for The Miller Firm were high.


The landing page Susan wrote was overwhelmingly approved by the attorneys at The Miller Firm.  They judged it not only to be well written and informative, but also superior to landing pages for other law firms who were competing for Zofran victims.

The landing page immediately persuaded numerous prospects to contact The Miller Firm for information, some of whom are likely to become their clients.  At this time, however, final results can’t be calculated because the campaign is ongoing.

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