The Triangular

Hollywood, Florida

The Triangular is a line of natural skincare products with wholesome, organic ingredients.
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There’s no shortage of skincare products on the market. You can find them in stores, catalogs and online. So when The Triangular launched its e-commerce sales effort, the company wanted professionally written web copy that would help differentiate its beauty products from competitors’.


The Triangular owners hired Susan Greene, who had significant experience writing for skincare products, to take on the task of creating web copy. Susan wrote text that explained The Triangular’s holistic approach to beautiful, radiant skin.

She included explanations about The Triangular’s natural products with wholesome, organic ingredients that are sourced from real plants and fruits.

In detailed descriptions, she emphasized how they nourish the skin and replenish moisture to help people look and feel their best. 


Creating a quality website was step one in The Triangular’s launch plan with other projects to follow soon. The owners of the company were pleased with the web copy written by Susan Greene and will be using excerpts from it in future marketing materials like their brochures.

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