The Ticket Clinic

Miami, Florida

For over 25 years, the attorneys at The Ticket Clinic have specialized in defending people charged with any traffic offense from speeding to suspended license and DUI.
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The Ticket Clinic

ticket clinic


The company has 22 offices throughout Florida and dozens of attorneys.  To generate enough traffic ticket cases to keep its large staff busy, it needed a website that brought in a steady flow of new clients.


The Ticket Clinic had hired AJT Design & Marketing in Orlando to design their new website.  AJT referred the client to Susan Greene, a Florida copywriter with experience writing for attorneys, to create the site’s content.  Susan spoke with key people at The Ticket Clinic to get background and then wrote the website copy.


The Ticket Clinic has one of the highest search engine-ranked websites for traffic ticket attorneys in Florida.  The site delivers new clients on a daily basis.  To date, the company has defended over 1,000,000 traffic offenses and continues to dominate the market.

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