Tiffany’s Bakery

Clinton, Maryland

Founded in 1978, this family-owned business is known throughout Maryland and Washington D.C. for its amazing wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cupcakes. Edwin and Joy Mejia are proud to have their three daughters and their grandson, three generations, all working together in the bakery.
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The website for Tiffany’s Bakery was old and ineffective.  Originally built from a template, it had been expanded and modified numerous times.  The result was a hodge-podge of content that was confusing and didn’t accurately reflect the quality and professionalism of the company.

Additionally, the website had a shopping cart that allowed customers to place orders for cakes online, but the Mejias believed it wasn’t as effective as it could be.


Tiffany’s Bakery hired Susan Greene, marketing copywriter, to rewrite the website content.  In addition to pages about its product offerings, Susan was asked to create an About Us page that detailed the bakery’s long history never before chronicled.

She was also asked to write a detailed FAQ section that the Mejias hoped would reduce the number of phone calls to the busy bakery.  Finally, Susan wrote new content that better explained the online ordering process.

Once Susan had written the new copy, she connected Tiffany’s Bakery with a talented web developer who then created a whole new design.

tiffany's about us page


The new website was a dramatic improvement over the old in every way.  It looked better.  It sounded better.  And it sold better, particularly its online ordering component.  The Mejias are extremely pleased with their new website, saying their online image finally represents the true Tiffany’s Bakery.

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