Total Enviro Services, Inc.

Orlando, Florida

Total Enviro Services, Inc. is a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience doing septic tank pumping and plumbing.
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The owners of Total Enviro Services wanted to promote their storm-drain cleaning service.  They knew their best prospects were people who needed emergency assistance because their property was flooding.


Total Enviro Services contacted Search Localizer of Orlando, Florida, which recommended creating a single, long-form landing page since people in an emergency situation were unlikely to take the time to click around a full website.

Search Localizer came up with the design.  Orlando copywriter Susan Greene was brought in to write the copy.


Susan composed a landing page that acknowledged the customer’s problem and described Total Enviro as the dedicated, skilled, 24-hour emergency response team that could prevent flooded streets, sewage backups and property loss.

The landing page explained the company’s service as well as created trust by including customer testimonials and answers to FAQs.  It also offered a $50 off coupon in the call to action, which was effective in getting conversions.


Total Enviro Services is currently running pay-per-click ad campaigns that drive traffic to the landing page.  The company is pleased with the content of the landing page and the number of quality inquiries it generates.

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