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Trulydata is a technology company that creates innovative software applications to help organizations work better, faster and smarter. Its clients are high-growth companies seeking solutions to improve productivity and enhance quality.
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The team at Trulydata consists primarily of software engineers and developers.  They are experts at writing programming code and readily admit writing marketing copy isn’t their strong suit.

By the time they contacted Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, to write the website for their startup business, they had already signed their first clients.  Even with that measure of success, they had their eyes on the future.

They asked Susan to create a site that would give them credibility and would allow them to market their services to businesses in the U.S. and in Latin America.  Based in Miami and fluent in Spanish, the owners felt countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina offered opportunities to work with large companies there that couldn’t find qualified vendors in their own area.


Susan wrote copy that emphasized the credentials of the Trulydata team as well as their unique approach to customer-centric software development.

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The copy was completed within a few weeks and the website was launched in just over a month.  The company immediately began its sales efforts both in the U.S. and in Latin America.

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