Urban Outlaws


Urban Outlaws is a women’s clothing company in Singapore known for its tasteful styles for young, modern women.


Urban Outlaws was running a contest to attract attention to its website and its fashions.  The winner would receive a free round trip to Kyoto, Japan, a city known to appeal to young Singaporean women.

The company had designed a page (see below) to promote the contest and encourage entrants.  But it wasn’t working.  It simply wasn’t getting the attention it deserved.

Urban Outlaws Contest - old


Urban Outlaws hired Susan Greene to write new copy and Ben Ursal, a web designer with whom Susan frequently partners, to redesign the page from scratch.

Susan and Ben worked together to create a colorful new page that was easier to understand and more compelling to potential contest entrants.  It also better reflected the youthful image the company wanted.  The visuals, carefully selected, complemented the text and gently prodded the visitor to keep reading until the bottom of the page.

Susan and Ben also included some about-the-company information to explain and build the brand.

Uran Outlaws Contest - new.png


Almost immediately upon launch of the new page, Urban Outlaws saw a huge spike in contest entries, and a corresponding increase in website visitors as well.

The contest added thousands of prospects to the company’s database, as had been the project’s objective, and also gave Urban Outlaws significant visibility on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.

The owners of Urban Outlaws were so pleased with the results intend to have Susan and Ben rework other pages of their website and produce future promotions.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Extremely pleased with the contest landing page you created


It’s been a pleasure working with you and Ben {web designer}.  My partner and I are extremely pleased with the contest landing page you created for Urban Outlaws.  The design is eye-catching and the copy is persuasive.  We know this page will be effective in promoting our contest and building the Urban Outlaws clothing brand.  Thank you.

Tay Yie Shan Valerie
Urban Outlaws

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