USBD Apparels

Dallas, Texas

A U.S.-based company, USBD Apparels represents a consortium of 12 clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh.


Sales representatives from USBD Apparels were actively meeting with American clothing companies and designers to encourage them to manufacture their garments in Bangladesh.  They needed a brochure they could leave behind with their prospect to stay top of mind for future business.


Susan Greene was asked to create a brochure that explain what USBD Apparels offered.  But that wasn’t all.  The bigger task was to explain the benefits of manufacturing in Bangladesh over China and other foreign locales.

The brochure Susan created, working with graphic designer Christina Muller, presented USBD Apparels as a wise choice for overseas manufacturing.  The cover image, a dollar bill being sewn, spoke to the savings customers would realize by choosing Bangladesh to make their garments.

Another creative enhancement was putting the word “Secret” and the company’s website URL on what looked like clothing labels.

(Screenshots below are an unfolded representation of the tri-fold brochure.)


usbd 2


The brochure was extremely effective in introducing USBD Apparels to prospects.  It was given out at meetings with good results.  Susan was also asked to create a sales letter that could accompany the brochure when it was mailed.

The success of the brochure lead USBD Apparels to create other marketing tools that used the same look and tone.  Additional projects are currently in production.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Thank you for your many creative ideas

The brochure looks great!  You and Christina {graphic designer}, did a wonderful job on this project.  Thank you for your many creative ideas and all the effort you put into it.  You guys rock!

We have many more brochure and website projects in the pipeline and will be in touch again soon to discuss them with you.

Md Aowal
Founder and CEO
USBD Apparels
Frisco, Texas

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