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Vida180 was originally launched in Germany in 2006 where its family weight-loss program, the Vida180 Plan, was soon adopted by thousands of people throughout Europe. The diet program empowers families to make a 180-degree lifestyle change for leaner bodies and a healthier existence through a nutrition-based eating program. 

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Building on its success in Europe, Vida180 was launched in the United States.  The company needed an English website that introduced its unique approach to dieting and attracted paying members to its online community.

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Susan Greene, marketing copywriter, was asked to write critical parts of the website that explained how Vida180 had been developed by physicians, scientists and dietitians and how thousands of families were becoming healthier by following its tenets.

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The website was launched and quickly began attracting traffic.  Today the Vida180 community in the U.S. consists of thousands of members gaining nutrition-based eating knowledge and support through interaction on its popular website.

Post Script

In 2021 Vida180 wanted to refresh its website. Again, the company turned to Susan Greene and her team for help with the content. The new copy and web design were effective in helping Vida180 continue on its growth path

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

You're a life saver!

Thanks Susan. The web copy looks awesome. You’re a life saver!

Corey Hooper
Lighthouse Point, Florida

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