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Vida180 is a science-based, sustainable weight-loss program that leads to positive long-term results.
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Vida180 was originally started in Germany where it quickly became a popular diet program. Capitalizing on that success, the president, Corey Hooper, decided to launch a U.S.-based division but didn’t want to spend years building brand awareness.

To accelerate the process, he created a quality website and a weekly blog that built the company’s credibility and positioned it as an authority in the diet and weight-loss industry. 


Busy with the company’s operation, Corey asked Susan Greene, copywriter, to not only write the website, but to also handle all content for the blog. Susan created a weekly post that included weight loss tips and the science behind successful diets.


weight loss copywriter

The posts were emailed to the company’s fast-growing list of prospects as well as was posted on the company’s website to attract traffic.


diet copywriter


The launch of Vida180 U.S. went smoothly. The blog posts have been well received, generating numerous inquiries about the diet program. Corey is pleased with the results and intends to continue the weekly blog indefinitely.

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