Watkinson Engineering

Seattle, Washington

Watkinson Engineering provides civil engineering services for residential and commercial development projects.
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Wade Watkinson, a civil engineer, had spent 10 years working on a wide array of engineering projects in the Greater Seattle area. In 2022 he decided it was finally time to formally launch his own business under the name Watkinson Engineering. As part of the launch, he needed a high quality website to increase his visibility and that he could proudly share with prospective clients.


Wade chose Thrive Design to design and develop the website. Thrive brought in Susan Greene as part of the team to handle copy for the 10+ page site. Susan interviewed Wade at length to learn about his engineering firm and to explain the company’s unique qualifications and capabilities. 

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The website became Watkinson Engineering’s main marketing tool, helping the firm get more bid requests as well as solidifying its reputation as a high quality Pacific Northwest engineering company. It also was designed to grow along with the company, allowing Watkinson to add services, new markets and more examples of its engineering projects.

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

Thumbs UP!

So excited, this [web copy] reads through great!  I made a couple edits on the attached (Rev2), otherwise thumbs UP! You did an amazing job with the very limited info. to start. I appreciate your patience with me and all your suggestions. Thank you very much.

Wade Watkinson, PE
Watkinson Engineering
Seattle, Washington

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