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Web Hummingbird is a web design firm specializing in the development of WordPress websites.

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Business owner Adi Urielli had recently relocated from Israel to Austin, Texas.With few business contacts in her new city, she realized she needed a website that wouldbuild her brand and attract prospective customers.

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Adi worked closely with Susan Greene, website copywriter, to build a websitethat established her as a skilled, creative professional. It needed to give the impressionthat while Adi was new to the U.S., she certainly was not new to web design. Susan alsoprovided marketing advice that would help Adi quickly see results.


In less than one month, Adi was able to launch her new website and beginmarketing her company. Today, her company is thriving and continually adding new accounts.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You are so much more than a copywriter.

Hi Susan,

The website copy is great! I am very happy with it. You are so much more than a copywriter. With your advice, I feel you are actually my business mentor. Thank you so much for everything. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I’m sure I’ll have more work for you in the future.

Adi Uriele
Web Hummingbird
Austin, Texas

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