Wells n Water

Clermont, Florida

Located just outside Orlando, and serving all of central Florida, Wells n Water is a full-service well and water treatment company.


In business for over 25 years, Wells n Water wanted a comprehensive landing page that summarized its many services.

Although the company was known for drilling wells, it lacked recognition for some of its other water-related services such as designing filtration systems, installing water softeners and doing plumbing repairs.

Search Localizer, an Orlando-based digital marketing firm, was asked to recommend a strategy for generating more customer leads for Wells n Water.


Search Localizer developed a concept for a highly detailed, all-inclusive landing page and brought in Susan Greene, a Florida copywriter, to write the text.

Susan wrote copy  that not only referenced the many water-related services offered by Wells n Water but also demonstrated the company’s superior knowledge and expertise.



The copy was crafted so that anyone reading this landing page could feel confident in hiring Wells n Water for any residential, municipal, commercial, agricultural or industrial water issue.


Wells n Water used a variety of methods to drive traffic to this comprehensive landing page. In many ways it became their corporate website, effectively telling the company’s whole story in a single, scrolling, information-packed promotion.

It served to not only generate customer leads but also to make existing customers aware of Wells n Water extensive range of water-related services.

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