Wild Coast Raw

Olympia, Washington

Wild Coast Raw manufactures high-quality, raw pet food made with fresh, locally-grown ingredients.
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Wild Coast Raw


For years, Wild Coast Raw had been selling its high-grade pet food, developing recipes using fresh, local ingredients. Manufactured in Washington state, most of its customers were local pet owners who valued the company’s commitment to quality, nutrition and a complete balanced diet.

Wild Coast Raw

Word-of-mouth had played a large role in the company’s growth. But owner Tyler Duncan was read to take Wild Coast Raw to the next level. He was planning for growth throughout Washington and Oregon, with an eye on California shortly thereafter.


Wild Coast Raw

But in order to be competitive with other pet food brands and gain credibility with new customers, he knew he had to make the company’s online image more professional. 

Wild Coast Raw

He hired Thrive Design of Seattle, WA to design and develop a new website that would attract  customers as well as make his existing clientele aware of the full range of products sold by Wild Coast Raw.

Wild Coast Raw pet food


Thrive Design brought Susan Greene, a website copywriter with experience in the pet niche, onto the team to handle writing the copy for the website. Susan interviewed owner Tyler Duncan and learned what makes his dog food and cat food so unique and also so much healthier than traditional pet food brands available at big box stores. 

Wild Coast Raw - Susan Greene Copywriter

She also learned about the company’s unique history in which Tyler’s mother, a well-respected veterinarian, had been preaching the merits of a raw diet for dogs for decades.

In fact, Tyler remembers as a kid watching his mom develop recipes to feed their family pets long before raw pet food was readily available in a retail application. Her inspiration greatly influenced him, and today, Tyler and his team still consult with her for formula creation for Wild Coast Raw.

Pet food copywriter


The new website Thrive designed was a true showpiece. The designers combined eye-catching graphics with beautiful photos and Susan’s professional copy. The result was a highly contemporary and informative website that Wild Coast Raw could proudly use to generate leads and sales. 

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