Woodlands of Charlottesville

Charlottesville, Virginia

A large, residential community in Charlottesville, VA, Woodlands includes hundreds of apartments and townhomes for rent.

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Woodlands of Charlottesville is a newly built residential rental community competing with many well-established apartment complexes in Charlottesville, Virginia. Targeting an upscale consumer, the salespeople needed a brochure that positioned the community as offering newer and better housing options than existing developments nearby.


Charlottesville SEO Web Development, a local marketing firm, was brought in to design a brochure that showed off the community’s impressive features. Creative Director Christina Muller chose Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, to help create the upscale image for Woodlands in writing.

Susan studied the marketing of competing communities in the area and wrote copy that described Woodlands’ luxury amenities and beautiful surroundings, positioning it as offering the best of all worlds. Not only did Woodlands have some of the city’s nicest homes, it also had a prime location in a country setting. It was away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown, yet not so remote as to be inconvenient.



The brochures were given to prospects who visited the community’s sales center and mailed to prospects who called for information. They were effective in persuading prospects that Woodlands of Charlottesville deserved their serious consideration, and the community is rapidly renting out its apartments and townhomes.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

You hit a home run!

Susan, the client and I just reviewed the brochure copy you wrote for Woodlands of Charlottesville residential community.  You  hit a home run!  She absolutely loves it.  It was accepted as is.  Thank you for such a great job!

Christina M.
Creative Director
Charlottesville SEO Web Development
Charlottesville, Virginia

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