Xelos Social Workplace

Weisbaden, Germany

Xelos develops intranet software for organizations to use in project collaboration.
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Xelos Social Workplace is intranet software that allows companies to establish a private network to communicate and share information internally, facilitating collaboration and improving productivity. The software is widely used throughout Germany, where it was first developed in 2008. In 2018, the company decided it wanted to focus on expanding usage of the product throughout Europe and possibly the U.S.

It had a professionally developed website but the content was in German. The company needed to create a site written in English for its international rollout.


The marketing director of Xelos had written a preliminary draft of the website by translating each of the existing German pages into English. But the translation was extremely literal and sounded as though it had been translated. Now he wanted an English-speaking copywriter to edit the work, correcting any errors or uncommon word usage and ensuring the copy read smoothly.

Susan Greene went through every page and every word of the content to make the content appear as though it were written by someone with English as a native language.  She also provided recommendations with an eye toward marketing to the American market.


The client was extremely pleased with the finished copy. The English website was able to be launched within a matter of days and is part of a larger marketing campaign being done by the company.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Very happy with the result


I got a chance to read through all the pages yesterday and see all the changes you made. I am very happy with the result and only changed some minor points.

I think the biggest difficulty with a translation from German to English is the propensity of us Germans to write long, convoluted sentences with a lot of small meanings. They are in themselves works of art  but sound strange when translated too literally. Thanks for making the copy sound so good.

David Bach
Sales and Marketing
Xelos Social Workplace
Weisbaden, Germany

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