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Atlanta, Georgia

XLR8 manufactures quality products for horses that enhance their health and well-being.


XLR8 Equine recently came out with its Cryo Boot.  Designed for horses, it  provides compression on the legs and also has pockets to hold ice to prevent swelling after a workout. 

The business owner knew he had competitors. One company, in particular, already had most of the market, but XLR8’s Cryo Boot had several features that capitalized on the competitor product’s shortcomings. The Cryo Boot was easier to put on, had the ice pockets, and the zippers were far more durable.  XLR8 wanted a landing page to introduce its product and explain these key features.


XLR8 hired Inovo Studios to design the landing page and Susan Greene to write the copy.  Susan focused on the Cryo Boot’s benefits over other boots and other methods of caring for a horse’s legs such as wrapping. She also explained the Cryo Boot’s healing qualities and its role in helping to prevent serious ailments. 

Because the Cryo Boots are best suited for horses that race or compete in equestrian events, Susan created the headline, “Treat Your Horse Like a Professional Athlete.” The copy went on to explain how the Cryo Boot helps keep horses healthy and at peak performance. 

The layout included a short video of a child placing the boots on her horse, demonstrating just how easy it was, as mentioned in the copy.

All elements of the landing page were designed to convert visitors into customers with multiple calls-to-action located throughout the page.


The client was pleased with the landing page, which would serve as his primary product launch vehicle. A pay-per-click campaign was set up to drive traffic to the landing page. The campaign was further supported by XLR8’s presence at various equestrian events.

The product is well on its way to gaining significant exposure in the marketplace and attracting customers of competitor products who are unsatisfied with their current horse boots.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

I love your work!

Great job on the copy for the XLR8 landing page. I love your work! Now I know why Bruce thinks so highly of you. You’re easy to brag on.

Liesl Webber
Project Manager
Inovo Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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