Y-NOT Sanitize

New York, New York

Y-NOT Sanitizeplaces hand sanitizers in crowd-filled locations such as movie theaters, malls and nightclubs.  Attached to the sanitizers are portable tablets, iPads, which play short advertising messages and also include a QR code or text coupon code to encourage customer action.  The company makes its revenue primarily from paid advertising.

Y-Not Sanitize Homepage


As a new company, Y-NOT Sanitize needed a website that gave the firm credibility and also explained the features and benefits of its unique product.


Susan Greene, freelance copywriter, worked with company owners/NYC attorneys Sameer Chopra and Alex Nocerino to write copy for their website, which they would also later use to create brochures and client proposals.  Most important was the site’s FAQ page that explained how the product worked and why it was an effective advertising medium.

Y-Not Sanitize FAQs


The website was launched and has served as the company’s most important marketing tool in creating demand for Y-NOT Sanitize’s product.

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