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Advice for Aspiring Copywriters

Think you’d like to make copywriting your career? Learn how to get the ball rolling in pursuit of your dream.

A Message From Susan Greene to Freelance Copywriters Starting Out

Are you seeking a professional freelance copywriter to write your website, brochure or sales letter? Learn more here. Hi, my name is Susan Greene, and I’m a freelance copywriter in Orlando, Florida. Now that I’ve been in this profession for …

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Overcoming Self-Doubt as a Copywriter

Worried about your copywriting skills? Wondering if you have what it takes? Check out the email below and my response for some tips on bolstering your self-confidence and succeeding as a copywriter. I received the following email from a new …

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The Frightening Facts About Being a Self-Employed Copywriter

The following questions were asked by a copywriter who is considering leaving his current full-time job to become a self-employed copywriter.  I’m sharing my response because it may help others considering the same option. — Susan Greene Dear Susan, When …

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Paying Your Dues to Become a Professional Copywriter

I received the following email from a new freelance copywriter. I thought I’d share her question and my response to help others embarking on their freelance writing career. — Susan Greene Hi Susan, I work in an entry-level position for a …

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Simple Steps You Can Take Now to Launch a Copywriting Career

I received the following email from an aspiring copywriter. I thought I’d share his question and my response to help others embarking on their freelance writing career. — Susan Greene Hello Susan! I found you on a Google search for …

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Every Copywriter’s Biggest Fear – Am I Good Enough?

Having difficulty getting your freelance copywriting business off the ground? Perhaps you’re ready, willing and able to write but you can’t seem to land any clients. Read the email below from a new freelance copywriter. I’m sharing her questions along …

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Advice Please! Looking to Break into the B2B Copywriting Biz

Hi Susan! I’ve spent all afternoon on your site! Great content.  I’ve done a bit of B2C copywriting, mostly related to the food industry, to be exact.  I’m looking to dive into the B2B world but feel a little intimidated on …

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Want to Be a Freelance Copywriter? Consider These Challenges First

I’m often asked by friends and aspiring copywriters, what’s the most difficult thing about being a freelance copywriter?  It’s a tough question to answer because, frankly, although I love my profession, it’s not an easy way to make a buck. …

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Recent H.S. Grad Seeks Advice on Becoming a Copywriter

Are you passionate about becoming a copywriter? Is it your dream to get paid to write full-time? Check out the following email from a recent high school graduate who would like to pursue becoming a copywriter. She’s ambitious and anxious …

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Launching a Freelance Copywriter Career

Clara is an aspiring copywriter from France. She asked me some questions about launching her freelance copywriting career. I’m sharing both her questions and my responses because they may help other aspiring writers. — Susan Greene Hi Susan, My name …

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How NOT to Get Freelance Copywriting Work

Just as clients find me via my website, LinkedIn and other social media websites, so do other freelance copywriters. Not a month goes by that I don’t hear from at least three or five freelance copywriters asking either for advice …

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Copywriter in China Seeks Path to Success

Is establishing a career as a freelance copywriter your #1 goal? How do you get started? Where do you find work? Check out the email below from an aspiring American copywriter currently living in China. — Susan Greene Hi Susan,  …

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Interview with Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter & Entrepreneur

I was recently interviewed by an author who is compiling data for a website on entrepreneurs. I thought I’d share the questions and answers with my website visitors, some of whom I know aspire to be freelance copywriters like me. …

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How to Quote Your First Project and Get the Job

I received the following email from a new freelance copywriter quoting on her first project, an e-newsletter. I thought I’d share her questions and my responses in the hope it might help others embarking on their freelance writing career. — …

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The Path to Becoming a Successful Copywriter

Ask any professional copywriter how she began her career, and you’ll likely hear stories that reflect a mix of boundless enthusiasm, a compulsion to succeed and more than a pinch of good luck. The truth is, making a living as …

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