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Do Most Freelance Copywriters Work Weekends?

Do Copywriters Have 40+ Hour Work Weeks ?

Do copywriters work most weekends?

Is working more than 40 hours a week “normal?”

The above questions were asked of me by an up-and-coming copywriter. I’ve decided to share my responses because other copywriters might find them helpful.  

— Susan Greene

Those are loaded questions.

Of course, it depends on the copywriter.

Most of the freelance copywriters I know work at least some of the weekend. They may be keeping up with their workload or choosing to to get ahead on some assignments. Or they may want to make a few extra dollars, if they have access to additional work.

Some too, get shortchanged during the week because they have kids and family responsibilities. They’re putting in night and weekend hours to avoid falling behind. I know that’s what I did when my kids were little.

Most freelance copywriters who are successful are highly self-motivated. They also enjoy their work and the money it brings in. So working weekends, even if only a few hours here and there, is fine with them.

As for me personally, I almost always do some work on the weekends. Perhaps not as much as on a regular workday, but a few hours each day for sure. I typically have more work than I can get done during the week. I have to remind myself that that’s a good thing, right?

I feel happy if I knock a few items off my To Do List over the weekend. It helps relieve the stress of Monday mornings. There’s also a feeling of satisfaction that comes from being productive. I like the sense of accomplishment.

I’m not that into TV or movies or going out at night. I also don’t drink, so I never need to waste a day sleeping in or dealing with a hangover. I realize I just told the world how boring I am.

As you can tell, I do really enjoy my copywriting work. I also have financial goals, and I like that every job I do brings me closer to those goals. It’s not that I desperately need the money. I’m not that into material things. It’s more a means of keeping score, feeling accomplished, knowing I’m successful, doing a little better each year.

Also, I feel compelled to write something almost every day, even if it’s only an email to a friend. I think it’s kinda like the pianist who feels compelled to play at least a little every day, or the artist who feels lost if they go a few days without creating something. I’m no Hemingway, but I do feel a bit lost if I don’t write for a while.

You know, your question isn’t really, “Do copywriters work every weekend?”

A better way to look at it is, “Do entrepreneurs work every weekend?”

The answer: Successful ones do, at least in the early years when they’re building their business. And if you’re a relatively new freelance copywriter, that’s what you’re doing.

You’re building a business, crafting a career you love, securing your financial future — yeah, that probably means working more than most people who work for an employer 9-5, but you probably also love your life a whole lot more than they do.

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