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You spend nearly every waking moment building your wedding business. You’ve worked hard to attract a steady stream of customers and be invited to bid on large-scale weddings and events.

You’re constantly trying to improve your services, increase the size of the projects you take on, and better train your team.

But if there’s one area that you’ve neglected and aren’t handling all that well, it’s marketing. A wedding copywriter can help.

A Quality Wedding Website

You’d like to attract more traffic to your website. It starts with improving your website. The copywriting could be more dynamic. You know it should do a better job of differentiating your wedding services from competitors.

copywriter for wedding services

Marketing your wedding starts with a quality website that explains your services or products.

Sure, once you have an interested prospect, you’re a super-salesperson, able to zero in on what’s important to the customer. But getting prospects to contact you in the first place presents a major challenge.

Marketing Is a Necessity

Whether you’re a wedding coordinator, caterer or entertainer, you know how important marketing is. But it’s not a priority when you have clients who need servicing. And admittedly, writing and marketing aren’t your strong suits.

wedding copywriters

The wedding industry is crowded. Make sure you stand out with a clear mission, vision and market position. 

You’re not alone. Plenty of wedding companies struggle with copywriting their marketing materials. So let yourself off the hook. It’s okay if writing isn’t your thing. Your wedding-related skills are off the chain! But if your website doesn’t pique the interest of customers, you’re flying on dreams and hopes. And that’s a recipe for failure. A wedding copywriter can solve this issue for you!

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Who’s on Your Team?

Any entrepreneur will tell you, assembling the right team is the key to scaling a business and maximizing revenue. And a talented, experienced wedding copywriter should be part of YOUR team. A wedding copywriter could help you stand out in the crowded field and land more projects. Your small company can have a big voice.

copywriter for wedding planners

Adding a wedding copywriter to your team allows you to stay focused on creating stunning celebrations rather than stressing over backend business practices like marketing.  

Sure, you could invest the effort to write better descriptions of the wedding services you offer, but is that really the best use of your time? Aren’t you better off keeping the business running smoothly, meeting with clients, visiting wedding venues and putting together proposals?

Unparalleled Wedding Industry Experience

You know how competitive wedding businesses are. There are new wedding vendors popping up daily. And they all claim to have skills and high quality teams. But what they lack is the level of experience you have in the wedding industry. And that’s what your wedding marketing materials must convey!

You’re competing with a broad swath of wedding-business entrepreneurs and hopeful wannabes. If you want to distinguish yourself from this wide-ranging pack and dominate your competition, you’re going to have to up your game. And that’s exactly what a wedding copywriter can do for you. She can write:

  • Web copy to promote your wedding services
  • SEO copy to drive traffic to your website
  • A company brochure you can give to prospects
  • Sales letters to get referrals from other professionals
  • Bid proposals for large-scale weddings
  • Ad campaigns
  • And more!

Work with a professional wedding copywriter. Get a quote.

Tell Your Brand Story

Isn’t it time you had content designed to position your brand? Do you want to be considered for bigger, more lucrative weddings? Shouldn’t your customers know your story and why you’re a standout in the wedding industry?

wedding writer

Work with a wedding copywriter to build your brand story and acquire clients who are the best fit for your business. 

Remember, for most brides and grooms, choosing a wedding vendor — whether the venue, wedding planner, caterer, photographer or even a wedding hashtag provider (yes, there really is such a thing) — is a big decision. They need confidence they’re making the right move, which takes a lot more than simply giving a quote on your services.

If your website and proposals don’t reassure them you’re the best company for the job, you’re losing sales. Help persuade customers to contact and hire you with great sales copy.

Need help writing your wedding brand story? Get a quote.

Take Your Business Up a Notch

Look, you know you aren’t “just another wedding vendor.” You want to be at the top of the game. By improving the copywriting that appears on your website and in your proposals, you’re taking your wedding business to the next level. And it’s just a matter of time until the results begin translating into real revenue.

wedding copywriter

Growing your wedding-related business doesn’t have to be grueling. We can help!

We have wedding copywriters on staff. They have experience working one-on-one with wedding vendors across the country. They’re fast, able to give quick turnarounds, and our prices are affordable.

Work with an affordable wedding copywriter. Get a free quote.

Get Professional Wedding Copy

If you’re ready to win more weddings and focus on the most lucrative part of the wedding market, professional wedding copy is the next step on your path to boundless success.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your wedding copywriting project. We can’t wait to support you in your mission to be the #1 wedding vendor in your area!

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Need help marketing your wedding products or services?

Work with an experienced wedding copywriter.

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