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You love cats. Sure, dogs are loyal and they’re better at playing fetch, but for you there’s nothing sweeter than a kitty brushing up against your leg or purring with contentment as you stroke her head. So it’s not surprising that when you decided to start a business, it had to revolve around cats. Go with your passion, right?

cat copywriter

A cat copywriter can create copy that resonates with cat lovers.

The pet product industry is highly competitive but that’s only because there’s good money to be made. Now you need some help with marketing to cat owners. Maybe you find writing product descriptions a chore. Or your web page copy doesn’t offer enough of the kitty-licious details that get cat lovers to reach for their credit card.

We can help. Our talented copywriters are able to quickly glean the value in your cat products and translate it into fun-to-read copy. We can present a clear solution to a vexing problem or tell a good story.

We’ll get to know your pet audience and hone in on what matters to them. Whether you’re selling cat scratchers, cat caves, catios, cat food or technologically advanced litter boxes,  we’ll learn about your business and help you generate sales while building your pet brand.

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Build sales and gain visibility for your brand with quality web copywriting.

A Thriving Pet Industry

The U.S. pet industry is nearly $104 billion, according to the American Pet Products Association, and a big part of that market is cats – their food, supplies, insurance and vet care.  In fact, more than 67% of American households, 7 in 10 households, own at least one pet, which equates to 86.9 million homes.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a surge in pet ownership. It also accelerated e-commerce sales in the food and treats department, a trend that doesn’t seem to be abating even as Covid is controlled. The pet insurance and vet care industries also rose significantly.

cat product descriptions

Curiosity is second nature to cat lovers. Be sure your product descriptions satisfy their need to know.

Pet wellness is of increasing importance to pet parents. And that they’re willing to spend money on special foods, treats, CBD pet products and medical care to maximize the health and longevity of their furry friends, according to a 2021 article on pet industry trends.

Pet owners treat their animals as members of their family. If they eat wholesome food to feel good, their pet should as well. If they take vitamins, supplements or CBD to maintain their health, they want the same for their pet. And they don’t mind spending money on their pets. Yes, you want to be a part of that market!

web copy for cat products

Cat parents think of their feline friends as family, so your web copy needs to honor that relationship.

Marketing Copy for Cat Products

Even though you’re marketing cat products – not your typical houseware or clothing item – the same basic rules of marketing apply. As any pet copywriter can tell you, readers respond to:

Concise Messaging – Create a crisp message that speaks to your customer’s pain points. Do they hate the smell of their cat’s litter box? Are they concerned about their cat’s diet?

Charming Copy – Develop content that your pet-loving audience finds useful or entertaining. Keep it truthful, of course, but honesty doesn’t have to be bland, especially when you’re writing about kitty products.

pet copywriting

Your copywriting needs to appeal to cat owners who value quality in caring for their pets.

Meticulous Descriptions – Good copy creates a picture in the reader’s mind. Add vivid details to grab the reader’s interest and help them envision their own cat enjoying your project.

Persuasive Offers – Incentivize customers with coupons, extras, or compelling benefits they can’t resist. Test different asks and carefully track results to see what’s working and what needs further tweaking.

Snag Your Piece of the Cat Product Market

One of the ways to grow market share when promoting cat products and your brand is to reach out to new customer groups, people who don’t yet know they need your products.

Maybe they need to be educated on how to keep cat litter odors at bay — liter-ally! Or perhaps they’ve never heard of vitamin supplements for their kitty. Once you make them aware, you create demand for your product. Furr-real!

writing cat copy

In writing cat copy, it’s important to focus on features and benefits to get pet owners reaching for their wallet.

If writing copy isn’t the best use of your time, work with a professional copywriter who understands cat product marketing.

You can also grow market share by targeting customers who know they want products like yours but haven’t yet made a selection. Differentiate your cat products from those by competitors by emphasizing their unique features and benefits. And then watch the sales roll in!

pet copywriter

Consider working with a professional pet copywriter to create more effective content.

Professional Copywriting Help

You may want to give copywriting a whirl on your own, inject a bit of your purr-sonality into the copy. But if that’s not the best use of your time or you feel you could benefit from working with a professional copywriter, we can assist you with:

  • Product descriptions
  • Web pages
  • Category pages
  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Sales letters
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Ads
  • Label copy
  • And more

We make the writing process fun and fast. Let us do all the heavy lifting. The sooner you get started, the faster you’ll see sales and revenue for your cat products. Get quality cat content at an affordable price, done for you in just a few days.

Want to know more? Contact us for a no-obligation quote on your cat-related copy.

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Need help writing copy for your cat products?

Work with a professional copywriter.

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