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Mercer Island, Washington

ACT Capital Advisors is a mergers and acquisition firm based in the Greater Seattle area. It facilitates transactions to buy and sell businesses.
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In business since 1986, ACT Capital Advisors held a prominent spot in the Mergers and Acquisitions industry. It had facilitated the purchase and sale of hundreds of businesses in diverse industries. And it had experience working with everything from mom-and-pops to large well-established enterprises located around the country.

In recent years though, the M&A niche had become more popular with many startups and other competitors aggressively pursuing new clients. ACT had primarily relied on word-of-mouth to build its business. But it was time to take a more proactive stance.


ACT brought in Thrive, a Seattle web design firm to give the ACT website a makeover. Thrive contracted with Susan Greene to handle the copywriting portion of the project.

Susan realized that ACT’s current website was not only outdated in terms of describing ACT’s deep experience and successful track record, it didn’t help visitors understand how the company differed from traditional M&A companies. It needed the copy to better explain ACT’s unique process to set it apart from run-of-the-mill business brokers and smaller, less-established M&A companies.

ACT Capital Advisors, M&A firm


According to Thrive, the web design firm on the project, within weeks ACT saw a website traffic increase of 148%, and that number has only continued to grow.

Mergers & Acquisitions

ACT has also received great feedback about how professional the new site is compared to the old version. The firm expects it to not only increase the firm’s visibility in the M&A field but will also help to attract a larger,  more sophisticated clientele of buyers and sellers.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

We love your enthusiasm

John and I had a chance to review all the web pages you sent over. You’ve done an excellent job! We love your enthusiasm for the project and appreciate how responsive you’ve been. Working with you on the new website has been a pleasure!

Mary Kate Tormey
Marketing Manager
Act Capital Advisors
Mercer Island, Washington

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