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Copywriter for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)

Get compelling marketing copy that positions your business for future success

After a merger or acquisition, it’s important to state the mission and goals of the new organization so everyone is on the same page.

Is your company…

  • Considering a merger or acquisition?
  • Going through a transition stage where you redefine your organization?
  • Developing a marketing plan that capitalizes on your shared capabilities and resources?

Or perhaps you’ve already gone through an M&A and are now building your new brand story. Much of that story has yet to be written.

Where should you begin? A skilled copywriter who understands the M&A process can help you develop and execute informational and marketing materials.

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Define Your Value Proposition

One of the first orders of business should be to clarify your new organization’s mission and objectives. “A value proposition is a statement that clearly identifies the benefits a company’s products and services will deliver to its customers,” according to TechTarget. It summarizes how the company fills a need or solves a problem.  

That value proposition sets the direction for the company and aligns everyone on a unified vision. The proposition also is key to helping your customers understand how the merger or acquisition will benefit them going forward.

Consider working with a professional copywriter who can translate your ideas and vision for the future into compelling statements that set the tone for a successful future.

Integrating two companies is challenging. You’ll want to merge marketing resources to reflect your company’s increased capabilities.

Get It Right

Mergers and acquisitions are tricky business. Between 70% to 90% of acquisitions fail. The reason for this low rate of success usually relates to problems integrating the two parties involved, according to the Harvard Business Review.

“If not executed correctly, a merger or an acquisition marketing integration can lead to inconsistent value propositions, undifferentiated brands and a deprioritization of customer segments,” according to BitsForDigits.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Look upon a merger or acquisition as an amazing opportunity to reposition a brand that strongly communicates improved value.

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Focus on explaining the benefits for your customers when creating your new marketing materials.

Why Companies Do Mergers or Acquisitions

Done right, a merger or acquisition can greatly accelerate a company’s growth trajectory, boosting earnings far beyond what could be accomplished in the same timeframe only through organic growth.

M&As can give a company a competitive edge that greatly accelerates their success.

“Most often, companies merge or acquire because they want to grow, with the goal of providing new top line revenue or bottom line profitability,” according to Aperian Global

Here are the top 10 reasons organizations cite for choosing to participate in a merger or acquisition:

  • Improve efficiency by consolidating resources
  • Reduce risk through diversification
  • Gain bargaining power with vendors and distributors
  • Enter new markets
  • Increase market share and gain a competitive edge
  • Access new technologies, equipment and talent
  • Acquire or maintain a monopolistic position in an industry
  • Leverage better access to capital
  • Take advantage of tax benefits
  • Implement a long-term strategy more quickly

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Keep customers and employees apprised of the M&A situation with clear communications about organizational changes.

Marketing Is Key to Successful M&As

Transparency goes a long way in helping customers and employees understand the changes your organization is undergoing and position your business for future success. What may start as a simple logo change or name change can involve creating all new written communications tools.

A professional copywriter can help you create informational materials and sales collateral for your new entity. That may include:

If you’re involved in a merger or acquisition and need assistance in writing new marketing content, give us a call. We can assist with that challenge, taking much of that work off your plate, freeing you to fast track your company’s integration and success.

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