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Public insurance adjusters work on behalf of people who have insurance claims to help them get the maximum settlement to which they're entitled.


When people have damage to their home or business due to a flood, fire, storm or other disaster, their first call is usually to their insurance company to file a claim. The insurance company decides how much they’re entitled to for their damages. What people often don’t know is that if they use the services of a public insurance adjuster, they may be able to greatly increase their settlement.

Advanced Public Insurance Adjusters needed a brochure that explained to claimants what a public adjuster does and why hiring one could be to their benefit.  Or, even more important, was to explain to them why not hiring public adjuster could cost them thousands of dollars to which they were potentially entitled.

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Additionally, Fred wanted a postcard he could mail out to prospects in areas that had experienced a disaster such as a massive flood or tornado to generate awareness of his public insurance adjuster services.

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Susan Greene, brochure and direct mail copywriter, worked with Fred Lupfer, president, to understand the role public adjusters play and translate that information into a concise postcard and brochure. Both pieces, while selling the company’s services, had to come across as informational and educational in order to be well-received.


These were the first items Advanced Public Insurance Adjusters had ever created to market its services. Previously, all business had been obtained through word-of-mouth and cold-calling.  With the postcard and brochure, the company was able to greatly expand its reach to generate new business.

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