Aqua Action

New South Wales, Australia

Aqua Action is one of Australia's leading sellers of pool lifestyle equipment such as pool slides, ladders, diving boards and furniture.
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Aqua Action was known as the place to go for pool accessories. Its products were designed to make owning a pool even more fun and enjoyable. Items like pool slides, outdoor lighting and deck furniture were big sellers.

The company owners had built a website that included an About Us page. But they wanted to add more information about the company’s products, particularly its slides, to the existing content. They contacted Susan Greene, a copywriter with experience writing about swimming pools, to create fresh copy that would explain what made the pool slides superior.


Susan interviewed the owners to learn more about Aqua Action’s various slides. She came up with the theme, “Turn Your Swimming Pool into an Exciting Waterpark!”


The slides were already a top seller for Aqua Action. Enhancing the company’s website with additional information about the slides helped attract more web traffic to generate sales and positioned the company as Australia’s pool slide experts. 

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