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Dry building Solutions is a certified waterproofing, restoration and roofing contractor.
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Along with the launch of its new, improved website, Dry Building Solutions wanted to introduce a blog. Owner Charles Farrell had several topics in mind for posts but was too busy operating his business to write the actual content.


As Susan Greene had written the copy for his new 25+ page website, he turned to her again for help with his blog. Susan was able to interview Charlie for the facts regarding specific subject matter and then turn that information into interesting blog posts that would appeal to potential customers in the construction industry.


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The blog posts were a way for Charlie to not only pass along information to his existing customers but also to attract new business and position the company as an authority in the waterproofing and construction field. Additionally, the blog helped his website’s SEO, giving his company increased visibility online.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Susan really understands my business!

When I read the copy you’d written, I said to myself, “Wow! Susan really understands my business!” I want to thank you very much!!!

Charles Farrell
Dry Building Solutions
New York, New York

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