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Advice for Freelance Copywriters

Most freelance copywriters work alone, which means learning from others in the industry isn’t easy. Read about the challenges copywriters face and how best to handle them.

Which Clients to Pursue for Your Copywriting Business

The following questions were asked of me by an up-and-coming copywriter. I’ve decided to share my responses because they might help other copywriters beginning their career.  I hope you find the information useful. — Susan Greene Susan, As a successful …

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Successful Copywriters Don’t Stop Writing.  Ever!

Most copywriters have a story about some person who criticized them early in their career or some writing position that didn’t work out. They view it as a form of paying their dues. Unfortunately, for some people, that first glimpse of …

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Go Global, Get Copywriting Work from International Clients

I recently had a conversation with a fellow freelancer about how copywriters can receive payments for work done with international clients. Since this is a topic other freelance copywriters have asked about too, I thought I’d share his questions and …

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Freelancers Beware, Your Identity & Reputation Can Be Stolen

About three months ago I completed a major redesign and rewriting of my website.  So every few weeks since then, I’ve gone to Google and searched for a few select keywords to see whether my site has moved in the …

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How to Handle Copywriting Revisions Like a Pro  

When you work in a creative service field like copywriting, revisions are a predictable part of the job.  Rare is the project that gets an A+ from a client on the first draft. No matter how much research you do, how …

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Barter Basics for Freelance Copywriters

I was recently interviewed for an article on bartering professional services. Since this is a topic I’m frequently asked about by other freelance copywriters, I thought I’d share the questions and my responses here.   – Susan Greene When do you …

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How to Quantify and Quote a Large Copywriting Project

I am frequently contacted by freelance copywriters regarding how to price their services. Below is an email I received on this topic and my responses.  I hope other freelance copywriters might find them useful. Susan Greene Freelance Copywriter Orlando, Florida …

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Convert Prospects into Clients for Your Copywriting Services

The following email conversation took place between a freelance copywriter just starting out, who I’ll call Nicole, and me, Susan Greene.  I’ve been a professional copywriter for more than 20 years. I’ve posted our back-and-forth emails below because the situation …

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15 Types of Copywriting Clients Who Suck

I like people, generally speaking.  Sure there are some who I wouldn’t choose to hang around, but for the most part, I enjoy the company of others. Those feelings extend to my clients, the folks who hire me to do …

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Grow Your Copywriting Business with Upsells and Cross Sells

Once you’ve done the hard work to obtain new copywriting clients, keep your eyes open for opportunities to increase the volume of business they give you. Getting additional copywriting work from existing clients is far easier than attracting new clients …

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Tactics for Success as a Freelance Copywriter

How you run your operation determines whether you succeed.  That premise applies whether you’re a sole proprietor or operating a copywriting business with multiple employees. Over the years I’ve developed processes and guidelines that work for me. They may or …

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Healthcare Copywriter Seeks Advice on Winning Over a Client

Hi Susan, I’m a freelance copywriter with an interest in writing for the healthcare industry. I recently applied to work in a freelance capacity with a digital marketing firm that specializes in medical device and healthcare-related clients. The marketing firm …

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How to Set Pricing for Writing Product Descriptions

Hi Susan, I’m a copywriter like you. I’ve been asked to provide a quote for writing approximately 1,000 product descriptions for a jewelry company. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but I’m sure the client expects some sort of quantity …

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10 Reasons to Turn Down a Copywriting Project

Most professional copywriters would agree: the most challenging part of being a freelance copywriter is getting clients. So why would any copywriter consider turning down a copywriting project? The objective is not to get every project but rather to be …

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How Should I Set My Copywriting Rates?

Susan, I found your copywriting website and wanted to ask you a question regarding setting rates. I have been writing some press releases and marketing pieces. I’ve been charging a per-word rate. But that rate only reflects the quantity of …

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