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How to Grow Your Copywriting Business

Attract and Keep Only the Clients you Really Want

Big pumpkins don’t grow by accident. They start with the best seeds and get the best food, water and light.

Have you ever been to the county fair and seen one of those 2,000 lb. gigantic pumpkins, the kind that wins the blue ribbon and gets featured on the evening news?

How do you grow something that enormous when most pumpkins way fewer than 10 lbs.?

For starters, you don’t randomly plant hundreds of seeds and hope one of them just happens to look like it’s on steroids.

Instead you begin with the best seed, perhaps one that comes from last year’s winner, and then concentrate all of your water, fertilizer and Miracle Gro on it. That’s how you grow a freakishly-large, blue-ribbon pumpkin.

copywriting business
To grow a one-of-a-kind, wildly successful copywriting business, treat it with the level of care you would a blue-ribbon pumpkin.

If you want to be a farmer, you now know what to do. But what do pumpkins have to do with growing your copywriting business? According to Mike Michalowicz, author of “The Pumpkin Plan,” – everything.

He says that most small business owners, like copywriters, make the mistake of trying to please everyone. They take on every client, even those that aren’t a good fit, and value quantity over quality. They end up limiting their success and getting burnt-out on the clients who are high maintenance, never pay on time and continually drain their resources. Sound familiar?

Michalowicz recommends being selective about the copywriting clients you take on – quality over quantity.

Michalowicz suggests pruning away those needy clients. Instead focus all of your efforts on the ones that are the perfect fit for your copywriting business. Build your client portfolio with care. Work with people who truly appreciate what you bring to the table and don’t have a problem paying for it. That’s how you get extraordinary results.

When you shift your mindset away from the quantity game, you’ll be able to grow a one-of-a-kind, hugely successful copywriting business. And you’ll probably be a lot happier too.

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