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Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand

Content marketing is a proven strategy for building brand awareness. Use it to attract, nurture and retain customers.

How to Build Your Business with Content Marketing

10 Tips for Effective Content Marketing Tell, don’t sell. Use a variety of media–blogs, videos, etc. Employ SEO best practices. Stay true to your brand. Be original. Yes, creativity counts. Write high quality, meaty content. Build on successes. Learn from …

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Make Your Web Content More Readable

Most of the people who visit your website won’t read every word. More likely, they’ll scan to find the information that’s relevant to their needs. Therefore, you want to write your copy to make it visually appealing and easy to …

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Long Copy vs. Short, Which One Sells Better?

The debate about long copy versus short copy is an old one. While long copy is statistically proven to bring better results than short copy, many people believe that long copy simply won’t get read, especially if that copy is …

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Benefits of Good Writing & Why Quality Copy Matters to Your Business

As a freelance copywriter in Orlando, Florida, I’ve spent more than 25 years speaking with business owners who are grappling with whether to write copy about their business on their own or hire a professional to do the work. While engaging the …

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The More You Tell, the More You Will Sell

About 15 years ago, my father, a realtor, decided to launch his first website.  He was targeting a little known niche in real estate at the time called condo hotels. Since I was a professional copywriter besides being his daughter, …

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Someone Stole Your Website Content. Now What?

When a competitor steals the copy on your website, it’s difficult not to be furious. After all, it’s your hard work and ideas that are now benefiting someone else. There are, however, some inexpensive actions you can take that might …

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Schmooze or Lose, Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

You’ve heard all the buzz about social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Now perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a way to use these forums in marketing your business. Social networking is rapidly gaining acceptance in the business world. …

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11 Examples of Stellar Lifestyle Copywriting

The best brands are about much more than their products; they sell a whole lifestyle. These brands inspire their customers to pursue a way of life that really appeals to them, whether it is through a set of values, a …

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Some of the best copy I've ever read for a product


You are AWESOME! This is some of the best copy I've ever read for a product. Thank you!

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