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Benefits of Good Writing & Why Quality Copy Matters to Your Business

Professional Copy Helps You Stand Out from the Herd


Well-crafted copy about your business helps you stand out amid the competition and get the sale.  (Photo by Robert Werner)

As a freelance copywriter in Orlando, Florida, I’ve spent more than 25 years speaking with business owners who are grappling with whether to write copy about their business on their own or hire a professional to do the work.

While engaging the services of a freelance copywriter or an advertising agency can be expensive, I believe, and my clients would tell you, that good copy can pay for itself many times over in the results it delivers.

The Right Words Can Build Your Image

Any copy you use in your marketing is a reflection on your company. It should convey the quality and professionalism that you bring to your work.

It’s the image customers will likely form about your business and the words they will use when describing it to their friends, whether directly or on social media.

Specifically, what benefits can you derive from well-written copy in your marketing materials?

  • Make your name and message stand out amid the clutter
  • Differentiate your business from its many competitors
  • Establish credibility as an industry authority
  • Build your brand’s image and recognizability
  • Clarify the benefits of ordering your product or choosing your service
  • Help you establish an instant rapport with your prospects
  • Improve conversion rates of prospects to customers. Ka-ching!
  • Increase customer loyalty by confirming to the customer that he/she has made a good decision in choosing to do business with you

Create a Bond with Your Customers

Quality copy is an essential ingredient in creating a bond with your customers, both in initially gaining their trust and later in sustaining their loyal patronage.

We live in an era of sound bites and 140 character messages, but good writing still matters when it comes to marketing your business.  In fact, some would argue it’s more important than ever in today’s competitive landscape, especially with the burgeoning role of social media.

Good Copywriting Is Invisible

Well-written copy delivers your message without attracting attention to the mechanics of your sentences.  If you’ve ever read poorly-written copy, you know the opposite occurs.

You find you’re not focused on the message but rather the awkwardness of the statement or the careless choice of words.  It slows your reading pace and distracts from the ideas you’re trying to convey.

What Constitutes Good Writing?

Readers want you to get to the point.  They’re busy.  They have other media competing for their attention.  Make it easy and enjoyable for them to glide through your paragraphs.

Good writing is simple.  It’s easy to understand.  It lacks unnecessary complexity.

The vocabulary is varied but not pretentious.  Why choose a fancy, multi-syllabic word when a shorter one will do (i.e. use vs. utilize, often vs. oftentimes)?

Weed out extra words to improve clarity.  Get rid of redundancies, cliches and fluff.  Delete energy-sapping words like: very, really, just, quite and rather.

What makes writing even more interesting than its style is its substance.  Focus on content over craft.  Deliver your message in its purest form.  Your content will pack more power and inspire greater response.

Bad Writing Can Damage Your Business

If the benefits alone are not sufficiently compelling to justify the expense of hiring a professional copywriter, consider the flip side.  Bad writing can have a profound negative effect on your business.  Specifically, here’s what poorly-written copy can do for you:

  • Fail to get you noticed
  • Hamper your efforts to attract customers, investors and quality employees
  • Damage your corporate image by making you look unprofessional
  • Enhance your competition by making them look better by comparison
  • Result in lost sales
  • Make existing customers question their decision to do business with you

The Art of Persuasion Begins with Good Copy

Think of your copy–whether for an ad, brochure or website–as your secret salesperson.  Its job, much like a salesperson’s, is to persuade the reader to buy your product or service.  Be sure it will make a favorable impression, one that is consistent with your branding.

In today’s media-rich world, there’s no shortage of messages competing for your customers’ attention.  You don’t want to lose out because your copy is ineffective.

Quality content written by a professional copywriter may cost you money up front, but your return on investment in leads and sales generated should make it pay for itself many times over.

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