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Convert Traffic into Leads and Sales

Getting traffic to your website is only part of the equation for online success. Next you need to persuade your visitors to take action, whether that’s to contact you, download information or make a purchase.

Increase Sales with Persuasive, Credible Testimonials

One of the best ways to convert prospects into customers is with written testimonials.  These third-party endorsements can carry a lot of weight in the mind of someone choosing between your product/service and your competition’s. Over the years I’ve had …

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The Best Internet Marketing Solutions

Everyone says you should be marketing your product or service online. But how? Where do you begin? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the numerous choices open to today’s internet marketers. Should you: Buy PPC (pay per click) ads? Build …

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Write Powerful Landing Pages that Convert Traffic into Sales

 Landing Pages Appear in Search Results When the internet was in its infancy, companies built their websites with the home page as their online front door.  They assumed most people coming to their site started on the home page and …

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Copywriting Is Your Silent Sales Team

You’ve spent a small fortune on graphic design, but now you need more than pretty pictures to make your website or brochure effective. You need words! The Right Words Stimulate Action What is copywriting? It’s the text you use in …

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Make Your Website Your Secret Sales Force

Start with Local Visibility on the Search Engines Remember the good old days when advertising in the local phone book was all you needed to make the phone ring at your business? Unfortunately, few people use the Yellow Pages these days, …

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How to Convert Your Website Visitors into Paying Customers

You’ve established your business, and your website is getting significant traffic.  But you’re not seeing the results in sales.  Visitors find your website and then leave.  All that traffic means nothing if it isn’t contributing to your bottom line.  You …

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Some of the best copy I've ever read for a product


You are AWESOME! This is some of the best copy I've ever read for a product. Thank you!

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