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DIY Marketing & Copywriting Tips for Growing a Lawn Care Business

10 Grass Roots Ideas for Increasing Leads and Sales

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Lawn care and landscaping businesses need a quality website to look professional and trustworthy to prospective customers.

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Hi Susan,

I’m wondering if you can assist me with marketing and copywriting for my lawn club membership service. I help people get and maintain a green, healthy lawn without paying an expensive lawn professional to come to their property.

I sell fertilizer blended for the time of year that it arrives. I ship direct to consumer six times per year, and it’s always the right feed/nutrients for the season. All the recipient has to do is spread it on their lawn and they’ll quickly see the results in the beauty, health and resiliency of their lawn.

I currently have a website but have sold few memberships. I need more web traffic and also more conversions, perhaps with better copywriting. Too many people come to my site and then leave without making a purchase. For now I’m targeting people in my local area but hope to expand my region to include more geography eventually.

Do you offer any DIY tips for marketing a small business like mine? I am building a grass roots company – literally.



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Offering prospects a free lawn care report creates a leads pipeline for building your customer base.

Hey Tyler,

I took a look at your website. I like what you’ve done so far and definitely think there’s a need for your service/products. (My own husband would probably be a good prospect for you.)

I like your web design, copy and lighthearted approach. I think you’re on the right track. Here are some grass roots ideas to consider in your marketing efforts:

  1. Free Report – Write a free report that you offer on your site. Use it to capture email addresses and build a mailing list of prospects. Then you can send out lawn tips along with sales information to those people on the list on a regular basis. The way you’re set up now, if they don’t make an immediate purchase, you’ve lost your chance with them.
  2. Social Media – Do you have a social media presence? You should because what you’re doing is so visual. Post photos of your customers’ lawns, and before/after pictures. And post snippets of your article posts and helpful tips. You might also explore ways to drive traffic to your site through Facebook or Instagram ads, which allow you to do pinpoint marketing of your target audience.
  3. Website or Blog Content – I see you have a blog but have only written a couple of posts. Continue to build content on your site, written and perhaps video, to attract more traffic organically (SEO as opposed to paid advertising).
  4. Incentive – Offer some sort of incentive for customers to give your service a try. Perhaps it’s a discount for the first year, or a reward or referrals or even be some sort of guarantee that takes risk out of the equation for first timers.
  5. Direct Mail – You can identify neighborhoods that are good targets for you (upscale homes with nice lawns and irrigation systems) and send them professionally written postcards and/or letters about your service.
  6. Flyers – Go walk around neighborhoods that you’d consider good target markets and put flyers on their door or in their mailbox. In my area, that’s what all the lawn service companies do. They put a doorknob hangar on your front door explaining their services and prices.
  7. Door-to-door sales – Along the same lines as #5, local lawn companies come to my neighborhood all the time. Sales people knock at my door and tell me what’s wrong with my front lawn and how they can fix it. Even though as a homeowner I’m not a fan of door-to-door salesmen, I’m certain it’s effective because all the lawn care companies do it.
  8. Welcome Wagon – In my neighborhood, when someone new moves in, the Welcome Wagon representative (or from a similar type of welcome service) stops by and gives the new owner a basket of samples and coupons from area businesses. Your company can be included for a small fee.
  9. Trade Shows – Have you tried attending Home & Garden trade fairs or even craft fairs that attract locals?
  10. Cross Promotions – Are there any local stores like a nursery or tree farm that might be interested in promoting your service in return for a percentage or because you promise to buy materials for your business from them? You might also look into forging a partnership with local landscapers, gardeners and mowing services. You can promote their services to your clients and they can reciprocate by doing the same for you.
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An experienced copywriter can help you create effective marketing materials that increase your company’s exposure.

Tyler, if you need help in executing any of the marketing or copywriting ideas above for your lawn and landscaping business, my team and I would be happy to assist. 

Kind regards,

Susan Greene

Professional Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

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Wow! Sounds great! I’d call that a wrap. Thank you so much for bearing with me. This was well worth the effort. Really sends the message home – POW!

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