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Marketing with Brochures & Print Materials

Brochures, case studies and data sheets – whether in digital or printed form -- can help round out a comprehensive marketing plan.

How to Write a Brochure

You have a clear definition of your audience and marketing objectives, and now you’ve decided a brochure will help you sell product. How do you write your brochure? If you think you can hire a brochure writer and then magically …

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Grow Your Business with EDDM Postcards

Affordable Marketing for Local Businesses Every year the U.S. Postal Service raises its rates to increase revenue. The ever-higher prices have made direct mail as a marketing tool prohibitive for many companies. Add up the costs to produce the direct …

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B2B Marketing with Print Materials

These days most companies involved in business-to-business (B2B) sales are focused on online marketing for promoting their products and services. But materials published in hard copy form or formats we typically associate with hard copy, such as brochures and catalogs, …

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Article Marketing Builds Your Brand and Authority

You’ve built your website. It looks good, reads well. Now what? You need to get noticed. Like a store in the mall, every online business is jockeying for position to increase their visibility and customer base. Article marketing is one technique you can …

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Copywriting: Because Word-of-Mouth Advertising Only Goes So Far

Anyone who owns a business knows the importance of word-of-mouth advertising. Gaining customers via personal referrals is great, but it’s usually not enough to make your business grow as fast as you’d like. You need a way to broaden your reach. That’s where …

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Working With Freelance Copywriters

You’ve decided you want to work with a freelance copywriter versus an advertising agency or marketing firm. What are the steps of the production process? As a freelance copywriter based in Orlando, Florida, I’ll describe the typical process based on …

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Good Copywriting Begins with Good Information

You’ve chosen a copywriter to produce copy for your website or brochure. Now what? Provide her with the information and data she needs to do a good job for you. Copywriters are not mind readers. Assume your writer knows only …

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How to Write a Winning Case Study

If you’ve been in business for more than a year, then you should have a wealth of success stories you can tell in the form of people who liked your product or were dazzled by your service. Maybe those customers …

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What to Tell a Brochure Writer to Ensure You Get the Best Copy

The company president says, “We need a marketing brochure to promote our new product, something our sales people can leave behind with customers and some literature we can give out at trade shows.  Just do it!” Now you face the formidable …

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Do You Have a Book in You?

You’ve probably heard the stories: writers who submit their manuscripts to publishers and get nothing but depressing rejection notices.  It’s happened to even the most notorious authors, including Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.  So if your heart is set on …

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