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Article Marketing & Guest Post Blogging Builds Your Brand and Visibility

Well-Written Guest Blog Posts Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Guest blogging is an excellent tactic for gaining visibility and driving traffic to your site.

You’ve built your website. It looks good, reads well. Now what? You need to get noticed. Like a store in the mall, every online business is jockeying for position to increase their visibility and customer base. Article marketing or guest blogging is one technique you can use to drive traffic to your door.

How does it work? You write articles related to your business. These articles don’t get posted on your website. Instead, they’re created for publication on other people’s sites or blogs. Done right, they’ll help position you and your company as the expert on your niche and bring visitors to your website.

Be sure your blog posts offer interesting, useful information, not sales hype.

Be Informative, Not Salesy

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have an online business selling scarves. You could write an article or blog post on different ways to wear a scarf, or perhaps one on hottest designer scarves, or even an article on scarf trends.

Your write-up should be informational in nature, not “salesy.” However, you can include several links back to your site within the content of your post.

Sometimes you also have the option of including a resource box at the end of your article. So, in the scarf example, your resource box might say, “Susan Greene is a fashion consultant who often incorporates scarves into her clothing ensembles. You can view her collection of over 200 scarves and accessories at”

Notice the website link at the end of the resource box? People who read your article are likely to click on it and end up at your site. Plus, as an added benefit, search engines like Google value inbound links. So you’re helping your site to rank higher in search engine results.

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Be sure your blog posts offer interesting, useful information, not sales hype.

Bloggers Welcome Your Submissions

Creating fresh content on a regular basis for a blog is hard work, which is why many bloggers welcome guest submissions. Seek out blogs in your niche and present them with a quick synopsis of your post to see if they’ll consider it for publication.

Guest posting is a form of free advertising that gives you visibility to that blog’s subscribers as well as any readers who may find their way to the blog through a Google search. And once you have a guest post that’s been published, be sure to promote it on your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

You’re the Authority on the Subject

Article marketing will help increase your visibility and credibility in the online world. The more articles or blog posts you publish, the better. Now, instead of just your one website, you have seeds sprinkled all over the web, growing and spreading your message. It’s a virtual garden that will help your business blossom with online success.

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