Good Copywriting Begins with Good Information

Provide the Facts for Your Website and Brochure

Provide your copywriter with the background information she needs to write effective copy for your marketing materials.

You’ve chosen a copywriter to produce copy for your website or brochure. Now what?

Provide her with the information and data she needs to do a good job for you. Copywriters are not mind readers. Assume your writer knows only as much as you tell her about your product and your industry.

Supply your writer with any existing literature on your product such as brochures, ads or even letters you’ve written to customers.

Then, be prepared to be interviewed. The copywriter will want to ask you about your product. She’ll be paying close attention to the phrasing you use, the industry jargon, and the relative importance of each of the points.

Some of the questions that she’ll want answered are:

  • What makes your product unique?
  • What are your products features and benefits?
  • What makes your product superior to competitor products?
  • What weaknesses do competitor products have?
  • What are some websites that show how competitors are marketing similar products?
  • What are some applications for your product?
  • Who is the target audience for your product?
  • What other marketing tools are being used to promote the product?
  • What is the objective of this marketing piece? That is, what do you want the prospect to do after reading this information – purchase the product, contact a salesperson, or request more detailed information?

Copywriters are information hounds. They love to submerge themselves in the facts before rising to the surface to float their concepts.

The most persuasive copy comes from a writer who has a deep understanding of the product, including its features, benefits and applications. Help your copywriter to help you by providing the research she needs. The end result — effective copy that achieves your marketing objective — will be worth the added effort.

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