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Compose Your Most Important Website Pages

Of course you want your entire website to reflect well on your business, but some pages hold more weight than others, such as your Home, About Us and FAQ pages. Get those right and you have a good chance of converting visitors into customers.

How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page

Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website.  It’s also likely to be one of the most frequently visited.  So you’d better make it good.  Keep the following suggestions in mind: 10 Tips for …

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10 Guidelines for Writing Your Home Page

10 Tips to Write a Powerful Home Page Keep it concise. Use keywords. Write copy from the visitor’s perspective. Provide specifics, focusing on benefits. Simplify navigation. Personalize your approach. Use headlines and subheads. Sound enthusiastic but don’t go overboard. Proofread …

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How to Create a Winning One-Page, Landing Page Website  

One of the hottest trends in online marketing these days is the one-page, landing page website.  As stand-alone pages, these microsites are a departure from the tried-and-true multi-page websites with their Home, About, FAQ and Contact pages. Instead, visitors don’t …

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Write an Amazing FAQ Page

10 Guidelines for an Awesome FAQ Page Incorporate your key selling points. Speak to any objections that hinder sales. Answer questions that often go to Customer Service. Incorporate photos or videos if they’re a fit. Include links to main pages …

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How to Write Captivating Landing Pages That Deliver Customers to Your Door

  In the early days of the internet, most businesses banked on visitors to their website coming through their front door, or what’s commonly known as the home page. But that was when websites were little more than online brochures …

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8 Important Pages Your Website Must Have

You want your website to become a selling tool for your company. Right? Then it’s important to create content that works for you. Whether you choose to write the copy yourself or hire a professional copywriter, maximize your site’s effectiveness …

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How to Write a Powerful “About Us” Page That Generates Business

Wondering what to write on your “About Us” page? You’re not alone.  I frequently hear business owners say that’s the one page that stumps them. They don’t want to sound like they’re bragging. But they also don’t want to bore …

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Home Page Makeover, Copy Goes from Drab to Fab

I recently was approached by the two owners of The Collection Dog, a company that handles collections for law firms, to rewrite the home page of their website. Their website was ineffective at converting visitors into customers. While the home …

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