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Home Page Makeover, Copy Goes from Drab to Fab

The Collection Dog Home Page Gets a Quick Rewrite

I recently was approached by the two owners of The Collection Dog, a company that handles collections for law firms, to rewrite the home page of their website. Their website was ineffective at converting visitors into customers.

While the home page received several hundred hits per month, few visitors went beyond the home page deeper into the website or contacted The Collection Dog for pricing. The few who did seemed to have little understanding of the company’s capabilities, despite having seen the website.

Despite having a stern-looking bulldog as the company mascot, an eye-catching visual, the web copy wasn’t doing its job. Read it below and see if you agree.


The Collection Dog mascot lent a bit of fun to the company’s image.

The Old Copy

What can The Collection Dog do for you?

• File Management and Maintenance
• Accounting
• Pre and Post Suit
• Post Judgment services
• any knowledge based process that be done remotely

The Collection Dog is a one-stop shop to get all the collection support you need.

The Collection Dog is the industry leader in collection-based cloud staffing support. The Collection Dog is the only Cloud Staffing Company that specializes in providing support to Creditor’s Rights Attorneys. The Collection Dog has extensive experience with the intricacies of the collection process. Every client has a different need or bottleneck that requires attention.

Over the last six years, The Collection Dog has worked with some of the largest collection attorneys, proving that we are able to provide collection services that will truly enable your firm to provide the best services for your clients.

The Cloud staffing services that The Collection Dog provide are synonymous with “flexibility.” It involves providing you with a fully trained and qualified resource that will work remotely for your firm. This gives you the flexibility of working from anywhere and spending less money on infrastructure, technology and manpower. Conventional outsourcing differs from Cloud Staffing in that employers, who cloud source, can still directly manage and supervise their staff.  On the other hand, traditional outsourcing requires you to hand over an entire project to a third party. Weather you choose to hire a full time resource or a part time resource, the savings in time and money will be astonishing. Currently, our cloud staffing services will provide you with a highly skilled and qualified Indian Attorneys, Accountants, Paralegals and Secretaries.

10 Problems with the Old Copy

1. The copy is not focused on the customer. Nearly every statement talks about The Collection Dog and its capabilities versus the problems prospective customers have with collections and how The Collection Dog solves them.

2. The copy only gives features of the services provided but doesn’t state the benefits customers receive such as saving money and increasing their work efficiency.

3. Most sentences start with the same simple structure of subject and verb. Example: “The Collection Dog is a one-stop shop…” The sentence structure should be varied to make the copy flow and be more interesting.

4. The copy has spelling, grammar and capitalization errors, which suggest unprofessionalism and a lack of attention to details.

5. Some of the paragraphs are too long. For online copy keep paragraphs to five sentences or less. Big chunks of copy are intimidating to the reader and difficult to read.

6. Some of the sentences are long, verbose run-ons that are difficult to follow. Example: “Over the last six years, The Collection Dog has worked with some of the largest collection attorneys, proving that we are able to provide collection services that will truly enable your firm to provide the best services for your clients.”

7. The copy lacks subheads, which would make it easier to read, especially for people who prefer to scan rather than read text.

8. The copy lacks important specifics such as what collection software they can use.

9. Several words are over-used, such as “provides/providing,” which appears five times. Time to get out that trusty thesaurus.

10. The copy lacks a call-to-action at the end. You should always tell readers what you want them to do next and make it easy for them to act by providing contact information on every page.

The New Copy

Boost Your Law Firm’s Capacity without Increasing Your Overhead

Outsource Your Work to Legal Pros Overseas

Just imagine how much more work your law firm could take on if you and your staff could delegate some of the tasks to qualified professionals. Consider cloud staffing in which you outsource work overseas.

The Collection Dog has experienced legal and accounting specialists standing by in India ready to assume your workload and complete projects to your specifications. Using our resources, you’ll be able to:

• Expand your law firm’s capacity
• Explore new profit areas
• Prioritize your time to focus on high-end projects
• Boost efficiency, reduce turnaround times
• Increase firm revenue without adding to overhead

The Collection Dog helps you eliminate bottlenecks and take your firm to the next level.

Cloud Staffing Saves You $$$

When you hire an employee, not only must you pay a fair salary and provide benefits, you also must make space for them in your office.

With our cloud staffing solution, you hire skilled workers abroad where wages are as much as 70% less, and we provide their work space. We even give you the first two weeks free, so you can train the employees in your methods on our nickel.

You choose the types of employees you hire and the number of hours per week they work. Full time, part time or freelance as needed – we can design a custom solution that precisely matches your needs.

Ideal for Creditors Rights Attorneys

Although we work with a wide variety of legal firms, our specialty is creditor’s rights attorneys. Our people have extensive experience in the collection process and are comfortable using industry software including:

• Cogent
• QSoft

The professionals in our stable include attorneys, paralegals, accountants, bookkeepers, legal secretaries and more. If there’s a particular specialist you want, just let us know. Our far-reaching international network enables us to tap whatever resources you need.

Operated by Attorneys for Attorneys

The Collection Dog was established in 2005. Owned and operated by attorneys, we know how law firms function. Like you, we appreciate quality work completed on time and on budget. We also recognize the importance of data security; our facilities abroad are ISO-certified.

We’ve helped law firms throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe grow their business. We can do the same for you. Contact us today to discuss our affordable cloud-based staffing solutions today!

The Collection Dog

* Note:  The company name, email address and URL have been changed for the purposes of this article.

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