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Top Seven Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Do-It-Yourself Copy May Not Be the Best Solution

Professional Copywriters Get Results

Think you can do your own copywriting? Maybe, but a professional copywriter knows how to produce content that gets results.  Professional copy often pays for itself in sales.

You need copy to go with your marketing brochure or website. Should you save a buck and do it yourself? Or should you start interviewing local ad agencies, marketing companies or web design firms?Probably the best answer is “none of the above.” Consider working with a  freelance copywriter for hire. Here’s why:

1. Professional copywriters create copy that gets results. What’s your main objective? Is it to spend as little as possible on marketing your product or service? Or is it to make sales?

Of course, it’s to make sales.  And that’s how you get a good ROI for your marketing dollar.  A professional copywriter knows the “tricks” of writing persuasive copy.  The copy is likely to pay for itself in the sales it generates.

2. Whereas your field of specialization may be real estate, financial services, high-tech or engineering, a copywriter’s is creating persuasive marketing communications. You wouldn’t perform your own surgery or represent yourself in a courtroom, why would you consider writing your own copy?

Like a surgeon or an attorney, a professional copywriter has spent years in college getting a relevant degree and also years practicing his or her craft on a daily basis. She’s also kept up to date on the latest copywriting trends, not to mention related topics like SEO content marketing.

To presume you can write as well as an experienced copywriter just because you received an A in Freshman English two decades ago is fooling yourself.

3. Hire an ad agency or web design firm to do your copywriting, and you could pay more than if you went directly to a freelance copywriter.  Many ad agencies, marketing firms and web designers outsource their copy to freelancer copywriters (like me) and then mark up the price they quote to their clients.  I personally have relationships with at least half a dozen such firms that send me all their copywriting assignments.  I work behind the scenes to produce their copy, which those firms then present to their clients.

Marketing firm collaborating on a project

If you have a big project with lots of moving parts, hiring a marketing firm or ad agency to project manage is a good decision.  But if your primary need is copy, go directly to a freelance copywriter and save a few dollars.

If you’ve hired your ad agency to manage your project and oversee all the elements that go into its successful completion, then their markup is justified.  However, if your project is primarily copy, go directly to a freelance copywriter and save the fee that you’d have to pay to an ad agency or website design firm to act as your middleman.

4. Professional copywriters know how to work with related disciplines, helping to ensure the best outcome.  Most copywriters are used to partnering with graphic designers, printers, web site designers and programmers. They will write the copy with instructions and suggestions to these other professionals to ensure that the design and layout coordinate with the copy.

5. You can hire a writing specialist for your unique needs. Just like other disciplines, copywriters also have specialties. You can select a copywriter who is expert at writing websites, sales letters, brochures or press releases or perhaps has related experience in your industry.  By hiring a specialist, you’re more likely to get quality copy that achieves your objectives.

6.  Writing your own copy isn’t the best use of your time.  If you’re running a business, and particularly if you’re trying to grow your venture, your time is valuable.  Any business management guru will you to outsource everything that isn’t directly related to generating income.

Not only will outsourcing your copywriting needs help free up your time, the copy will probably get done more quickly.  A professional copywriter has the skills and experience to complete the work faster than you do.

7.  You’re too close to your business to write about it effectively.  Because you are living and breathing every aspect of your business, your perspective is quite different from a customer’s.  The problem is you know too much.  You understand the jargon and all the intricacies of your industry.

What you need is a freelance copywriter who will look at your business with fresh, objective eyes, write content in layman’s terms, and identify the key points that are most likely to attract new customers.

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Some of the best copy I've ever read for a product


You are AWESOME! This is some of the best copy I've ever read for a product. Thank you!

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