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10 Tips for Writing CBD Skincare Web Copy & Product Descriptions

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Article Summary

  1. Create a picture with your words
  2. Imagine the customer
  3. Think upscale
  4. Show your enthusiasm
  5. Don’t hype
  6. Do name drop
  7. Tell stories
  8. Talk about the ingredients
  9. Address potential concerns
  10. Be original

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CBD skincare products

Your beauty products may be the best in the CBD industry, but you won’t make sales if your marketing copy isn’t effective.

See if this sounds familiar…

You’re an online retailer with a fabulous line of CBD products for skincare and beauty. You know that your products can benefit thousands of people and will easily sell. The challenge is how to get the word out. You can have the best hemp CBD-infused skincare products in the world, but they won’t sell if people don’t know they exist.

Future Market Insights (FMI) forecasts the cannabidiol (CBD) skincare market to register a remarkable CAGR of 26% between 2020 and 2030. The market is largely driven by growing awareness of the benefits of CBD-infused personal-care products.

It’s an exciting, fast-growing industry. If you want to be part of that wave in a lucrative way, consider working with a professional copywriter, someone  who understands marketing for CBD products

If you’re a DIY type, promoting your CBD-infused skincare products begins with writing compelling copy for your website. It’s your first opportunity to attract and engage with buyers.

From there, you can create landing pages, sales letters, email campaigns, and eye-catching labels. Everything you write should be designed to drive customers to reach for their wallet.

CBD skincare marketing

Your CBD skincare marketing copy must attract prospects and convert them into customers.

A well-written product description should explain:

  • The problem your CBD-infused product solves
  • Appealing features of your product
  • Whether it’s a CBD lotion, cream, serum or oil
  • Benefits it offers
  • How it’s superior to competitor CBD beauty and skincare products

Done right, your description should create FOMO for customers, a fear of missing out, as well as a sense of relief that they’ve finally found a brand or product that’s a solution for their problem!

Here then are 10 tips to help you create effective CBD skincare product descriptions, web copy, email campaigns and labels.

1. Create a Picture

Your description needs to spark emotion for buyers to consider a visit. Craft a visual image that helps buyers see themselves using your products.

CBD product descriptions

A well-written description about your CBD products should help the customer imagine themselves using your items and enjoying their benefits.

Tell them what makes your CBD skincare products unique and special. What do they do that other non-CBD skincare products can’t? And why are they better than other CBD skincare products? Invest the time in writing quality product descriptions now and you’ll be able to use that copy in all of your future marketing materials.

2. Imagine the Customer

Think about the profile of the most likely buyer for your products and speak to that person in your marketing.

Are your skincare products perfect for teens dealing with acne? How about pregnant women trying to prevent stretch-marks? Or are they ideal for older people trying to maintain their youthful appearance?

CBD landing pages

Consider creating individual landing pages for the different CBD demographics that can use your CBD products, i.e. pregnant women, teens, seniors, men, etc.

Do your products work for multiple markets? Consider creating separate landing pages for each type of buyer. The statements you make regarding CBD products helping resolve teen acne should be very different from your claims for seniors who want to minimize wrinkles.

When you have your buyer in mind, you can focus your words on the desires and dreams of that segment of the population. Your customer will feel like you understand them.

3. Think Upscale

Phrases most commonly associated with high-end beauty and skincare products make the items sound desirable. Use words like: luxurious, nutrient-rich, formulation, sophisticated, brightening, fresh, hydrating, infusion, innovative and organic are proven effective.

Conversely stay away from mundane phrases such as: really works, good product and fine.

4. Show Your Enthusiasm

Let your excitement for these CBD products for skin shine through. Pretend you’re describing them to a friend who you know would love them.

CBD skincare product benefits

If you believe in your CBD-infused skincare products, don’t hesitate to let the customer know. Write about the benefits you’ve personally seen.

Be sure to mention any unique features that will help differentiate the products from others, such as how it’s applied, how long the results last, or how luxurious your skin will feel.

5. Don’t Hype

You want to be truthful and believable. So don’t write copy that doesn’t accurately reflect your CBD skincare products. Avoid using hyperboles like, “best skincare product in the world” and “it will take 20 years off your appearance.”

Yes, those are features people would want, but if your product can’t deliver you won’t repeat customers and build a sustainable customer base.

6. Do Name Drop

Don’t be afraid to mention the results your customers are getting. Consider asking them to write testimonials describing their experience with your CBD skincare products.

CBD testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied customers can be extremely persuasive to prospects who are on the fence about giving CBD a try.

Their first-hand accounts of what they love about your products can be extremely compelling. Ask if you can post their comments on your website and include their names and possibly their photos. Bonus points if they’re celebrities willing to endorse your CBD products.

7. Tell Stories

Perhaps some of the testimonials from customers using your CBD skincare products are meaty enough to justify telling their full story.

Think about the teen who didn’t socialize and hated going to school because she was embarrassed by her acne until she tried your products.

CBD products for skin

Do your CBD customers have stories about how your products improved their skin or remedied a problem? Share those stories in your marketing materials.

Or how about the mom with six kids who refused to put on a bathing suit until your products erased her stretch-marks?

Tell their stories in a problem-solution-results format and you’ll strike a chord with prospects who have similar issues.

8. Talk About the Ingredients

It’s not enough to say your products are wonderful. You want the prospect to come to that conclusion on their own.

When you describe the ingredients that make up your skincare product, you’re giving the customer a peek behind the curtain. They will then understand why you’re able to make the benefit claims you do.

A CBD product made with wholesome, fresh, high quality ingredients is going to sound appealing. Plus it will help justify your prices!

9. Educate & Address Potential Concerns

CBD skincare products are relatively new. Many people don’t know much about CBD and are therefore skeptical. Your job as you write your CBD marketing information is not only to sell but also to educate them about CBD. Explain how CBD won’t get them high and that it’s legal to buy, sell and use.

“The global CBD skin care market has benefited significantly from the legalization of cannabis in multiple countries. Also, growing awareness about the antioxidant benefits of the CBD infused skincare products will support the global CBD skin care market for the foreseeable future,” according to a 2020 article on the CBD skincare market

Your prospects may be hesitant to buy your CBD skincare products. They may have doubts. They may not be sure CBD products are appropriate for their age or gender. What are the objections you most often hear? You need to speak to them.

address CBD objections

When you address common CBD objections on your website, you break down mental walls that may be preventing customers from making a purchase.

Perhaps the objection is to price, in which case you want to emphasize the quality of your ingredients and innovative process.

Maybe the objection is a concern about whether the product can really do what you claim. In that case, include more customer testimonials on your website.

Meet their worries head-on with powerful explanations to educate them about CBD-infused products and allay their fears.

10. Be Original

While you may be tempted to use the same wording you see on other CBD skincare product websites, that’s not the best way to get noticed. Don’t make your descriptions sound like everyone else’s. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be more creative and imaginative. It is worth the extra effort.

CBD skincare copywriter

Consider working with a CBD skincare/beauty copywriter to create professional marketing copy that gets your CBD products flying right off the shelf!

If copywriting isn’t your forte, or perhaps not the best use of your time, work with a beauty copywriter who can learn about your CBD skincare products and describe them with persuasive panache. Professional copy will pay for itself many times over in increased sales and revenue.

* * *

Do you need help writing about your CBD skincare products? Work with an experienced copywriter.

Get a no-obligation quote here.

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