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As a florist, you’re passionate about your floral creations. You love creating beautiful and unique arrangements that delight your customers. You’ve built a great reputation in your community as an honest, caring small business owner. Your shop has a loyal local following and you have plenty of repeat business.

Word-of-mouth advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising may not be enough to ensure steady growth of your business.

That approach has been working fine but the fact is, if you knew of an affordable, effective way to grow your business a little faster, you’d jump at the chance. In today’s highly competitive market, word-of-mouth advertising shouldn’t be your only strategy for building your customer base. Increasing competition and lower profit margins mean you have to work harder to reach your target audience.

professional copywriter

A professional copywriter can help you reach out to your target market.

How a Copywriter for Florists Can Help

Consider working with a professional copywriter for florists. An individual who understands the flower shop business and can write effective marketing materials could be your best bet for steady growth. A copywriter can help develop persuasive content for a wide variety of marketing tools.

Consider these examples:

Website — A website is especially critical for a floral shop. It gives you credibility and tells the world what you’re all about. It’s where many of your customers will first find you, and you want to be sure you make a great impression. Even better is if your website is set up so that visitors can make a purchase online.

A well-designed and smartly-written and mobile-friendly website, one that lets people know you’re locally owned and operated, is one of the best ways to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

professional caliber website

A professional caliber website is critical for florists. Even better is one that allows orders to be placed online.

Blog & Social Media – A blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) go hand-in-hand to promote your florist business. They allow you to communicate with your customers. You can show off some of your distinguished floral arrangements, promote sales, post reviews, write articles and offer ideas for people to incorporate flowers into their day.

blog and social media

A blog combined with a presence on social media allows you to stay in touch with your customers.

Sales Letters – Have you tried cultivating business from local companies? Many businesses use fresh flowers at their location and some may also have opportunities to send flowers out to their customers.

You should also introduce yourself to businesses that can refer you such as wedding venues and wedding planners, funeral homes and hospitals. A well-written sales letter can tell businesses why they should a) consider purchasing flowers and b) buy them from you!

sales letters

Send sales letters to various wedding vendors and they could become a good source of referrals for you.

Email Campaigns – Your existing customers could also be a great source of new business. If you have their email addresses, work with a copywriter to create some email campaigns reminding customers that flowers make a great gift for holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Sometimes that little reminder is all a person needs to pick up the phone and place an order.

email campaigns

Plan email campaigns around holidays and sales events to generate more business.

Work with a Copywriter for Florists

If the idea of writing your own website, blog posts, social media or sales letters sounds daunting, consider working with a professional copywriter for florists. A skilled copywriter can help you create content that:
• Builds your brand
• Increases your visibility
• Grabs customers’ attention
• Stimulates purchases
• Encourage referrals

marketing copywriter

Marketing doesn’t have to be bland or pushy. Work with a professional copywriter to develop your brand image and show some personality, just as you do in your floral arrangements.

When you work with a copywriter experienced in marketing you can take the steps necessary to increase sales and revenue at a faster pace than through a more passive, wait-until-they-find-you approach.

experienced copywriter

If you’re ready to take your floral business to the next level, work with an experienced copywriter to create marketing materials that generate leads and sales.

Susan Greene and her team are experienced in writing copy that helps florists attract new business and grow revenue. Contact Susan Greene for a quote on your project.

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Do you need help writing marketing copy to promote your florist business?

Get a no-obligation quote here.

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